About Us

Crystal Vibes is the home of a revolutionary new process of fusion in which Gemstones, Precious metals and Rare Earth Minerals are fused directly into the Crystal matrix of quartz, resulting in a unique natural bond. It is our unique patented process that allows us to produce a singing bowl that is not only a work of art, but also a wondrous sound healing device.

We strive to offer industry leading customer service to go along with our award winning quality. Our products are backed by a powerful warranty and all of our bowls come identified by our product identification sticker inside of every Crystal Vibes Bowl. Our staff offers years of experience spanning the universe of uses for these sound healing tools. From artists to healers, practitioners to musicians our friendly staff can help you find the product that will meet your needs exactly.

In addition to our gemstone and metal fusion bowls we offer our own premium versions of classic frosted bowls, the HQ and Empyrean Series. Crystal Vibes is at the forefront of advancement in Quartz crystal bowls and the HQ and Empyrean are the first new types of classic frosted Quartz crystal singing bowls on the market since the first crucibles were introduced to the market as singing bowls.

Other specialty Quartz crystal products are also available through Crystal Vibes. Quartz crystal singing pyramids, Quartz Crystal Harps, Chime tubes and Quartz crystal tuning forks are all available at the highest quality and best prices.