How To Play Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Position the bowl directly in the center of its rubber ring. This helps to keep the bowl still so that singing the bowl will not cause it to spin. It also keeps your bowl from tipping over or touching whatever surface you have it on, allowing it to fully resonate.

Run your striker on the outside rim gently, evenly, and with firm pressure, and it will start to resonate. If your striker is rattling or producing harsh high tones, you are either singing too quickly or are not using enough pressure on the rim. Excessive force or speed will generate undesirable sounds and can even damage your singing bowls. The bowls are for soft, soothing sound to ease your mind. So play it calmly, and slowly.

Also, if you are playing many bowls at once, try to keep them all at least a foot apart. Not only will this make singing them easier, it will keep your bowls from hitting one another.

Frosted crystal singing bowls are some of the easiest Quartz singing bowls to sing. The rough exterior provides greater friction against the suede wrapped or rubber striker tool, bringing about a quick vibration and equally quickly rising tone.  Bowls starting at 8” are best held in the palm opposite the hand holding the striker tool and sung like this.  Bowls over 11” start to become unwieldy when held in the hand. All frosted bowls can be sung on the rubber O-ring that provides a firm base for the bowl to rest upon.

Clear quartz bowls are known for their focus on the warm and deep tones for their size. The suede tool works best with the clear Quartz bowls providing the correct amount of tack to initialize the vibration. Clear bowls on the thick side can require a light tap on the side of the bowl near the rim to start the bowls vibration.