Frequency 432HZ

432 hertz is a frequency of sound that reverberates with the principles of organic harmonics, and is located all throughout the distant past and all over in nature. Any of our singing bowls that are -30 or -35 cents away from perfect pitch are in the tuning of 432 hz.
Around 1920, the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) accepted the A440 hz as the standard pitch  Around 1940 the USA presented 440 Hz worldwide, til the 50's it came to be the I.S.O. 16 standard.
Playing and paying attention to music that has actually been tuned to 432Hz could make your physical body, and the natural world which borders you, reverberate in an all-natural way. This will fill you with a feeling of inner tranquility.
If we opened our ears for songs that have been tuned to the 432Hz frequency, the whole planet and everybody who lives on it would benefit!