Transporting Your Bowl


When you are trying to transport your singing bowls, mindfulness is key in protecting your investment. Carrying cases offer protection beyond what the Styrofoam and box can offer. Coming in both hard sided and soft-sided styles of carrying cases cradle the bowls and shield them from impact with one another. Carrying cases are great for transporting the bowls, the handles allow for easy maneuvering of an otherwise awkward large bowl, or multiple bowls in cases at once.

If you do not have a case for your singing bowl, the box and foam attachments your bowl came in will work fine for most situations. Always place frosted bowls in the included plastic bag to prevent the bowl from damaging the Styrofoam

If you're trying to ship a singing bowl somewhere, placing the singing bowl inside of a case and into a box packed tight with packing paper or bubble wrap will usually suffice. If you do not have a case, then the original box and Styrofoam with added bubble wrap/packing paper will also do the trick. Be sure to place fragile stickers onto each side.