Notes And The Chakras

In this post we are visiting concentrate on the powerful idea of the chakras and the notes they correspond with.
The very first or Root chakra, positioned in between the legs, is related to the very first layer of energy. It corresponds with the note C. It connects to free functioning of  bodily performance and physical feeling. It directly associates with the will to live, and concerns of physical survival.
The second chakra, hara or sacral is located near your belly-button and relates to the 2nd layer of the feeling. It corresponds with the note D. It is connected with the sensations, emotional states, sensualism and sexuality. This is your facility of personal energy, self worth and wealth. It is simple to see then how sexuality, self image, and wealth gets so confusingly entwined.
The 3rd, solar plexus chakra, is found unsurprisingly around the region of the solar plexus in the opening of the lower ribs, and is associated to the 3rd layer of the feeling. This Chakra is deeply connected with the nervous system, as such it is the primary place of holding anxiety in the body. It corresponds with the note E.
The heart chakra positioned in the center of the chest, at or over the degree of the breastbone, is associated with the 4th layer of the aura. It corresponds with the note F. It is connected to all components of love and compassion and the introduction of higher will. This chakra is essentially at the center of our being, it holds the importance of our humanity and the meeting of spirit and form.
The throat chakra is discovered over the hollow of the throat, connects to the 5th layer of the aura, and is associated with interaction, Divine will, the expression of the truth. It's note is G. It is here that we receive the surrender of personal will.
The 6th, third eye, chakra positioned in the center of the temple somewhat above eye degree, associates to the 6th layer of the feeling. It corresponds with A.
The crown chakra is on top of the head, and relates to the 7th layer of the aura. It is linked with connection to the divine and direct recognizing. Its note is B. It is where you will find spiritual integration with your individuality.