9" Translucent Fulgurite Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Vibes

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Fulgurite correspondes with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra. It is most known for its capability to direct and channel power. Fulgurite embodies the energy of lightning, as it is made naturally when lightning strikes a rock, or sand. This particular Fulgurite is from Sedona, which is known for being an epicenter of geomagnetic and geoelectrical energies. The red rocks common to the area, being struck by lightning, is what causes its unique, beautiful allure. The energy of this rock alone makes it remarkable for manifestation, specifically through the power of prayer. Fulgurite boosts communication on the physical plane and strengthens the bond with various other worlds and beings. Having powerful energy from the Bell Rock Vortex infused into these rocks, this singing bowl is capable of arousing Kundalini energy and boosting meditation.

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Also included are a suede striker and an Oring for the bowl.

*Stock Photo, actual item may vary some in color and size as each item is handmade.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review