Crystal Vibes Crystal Singing Bowl Magic Mallet with Bamboo

Crystal Vibes

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Crystal Vibes Crystal Singing Bowl Magic Mallet with Bamboo

This tool features a Bamboo handle. Bamboo is a super sustainable material and that's why this is the flagship of our magic mallet line. We love the look and feel of this magical mallet.

Bamboo Handle - Silicone playing surface.

Size: Small 10.25 inches long, 0.45 inch handle width, and 1.05 inch silicone width at the tip. Medium 8.75 inches long, 0.80 inch handle width, and 1.35 inch silicone width at the tip. Large 9 inches long, 1 inch handle width, and 1.6 inch silicone width at the tip.   

Which size is right for you?  In general smaller bowls work best with the smaller mallet and large bowls with the large.  However you may prefer a smaller or larger size based on your hand size.  If you are starting with your first Magic Mallet we suggest the medium to start, but you will find that different sizes and different weights will play each bowl a bit differently. 

This item is the Bamboo Handle and is a lighter weight.  If you prefer a heavier weight try our Solid Quartz Magic Mallet or if you prefer Quartz in a lighter weight try the Hollow Quartz Magic Mallet.

This fantastic mallet is best used with the crystal singing bowls, but it can be used with metal bowls as well. The perfected silicone on this mallet is ideal for singing crystal singing bowls around the rim as well as striking. This is a great additional tool for any singing bowl collector.  The magic of this tool is the quality of the play you will get from bringing this tool about the rim of the bowl - no noise from the striker, just the pure tones of the bowl.

Traditionally a magic wand is an extension of the user, directing and focusing energy during ritual work. The tactile response felt during play is a real time indication of the state of the bowls vibration, an amazing connection between player and instrument. The Magic Mallet by Crystal Vibes has cast an aura of unity on the player and instrument creating a unified field of peace clearing the way for the purest sonic transmission.

The ultimate mallet for playing Crystal Singing Bowls.  Deliberate and intentional development of products to create a higher connection between instrument and player - its MAGIC from Crystal Vibes.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review